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Public Policy Platform

Our Work

This platform serves to internally guide and externally inform on public policy stances for which we dedicate Holland Children’s Movement time and energy to both pass and protect. The Movement believes that Nebraskans are at our best when we center children and families at the intersection of opportunity and equity. Because of our unique partnerships with Holland Children’s Institute and Family PAC we strategically position ourselves to educate, advocate, and achieve public policy results that work for children and families, in partnership with policymakers and other organizational community partners. In pursuit of public policy that creates a more equitable environment for children and families to thrive, this public policy agenda is constructed on a set of values derived from our mission statement.

Strategic Advocacy​

  • Identify public policy gaps in access, opportunity for children and working families.
  • Seek to pass public policies which ensure equitable access to opportunity.

Public Engagement​

  • Amplify the volume of existing public opinion research and data.
  • Build public support, civic engagement to engage with public policy.

Effective Collaboration​

  • Build allyship with policymakers who believe in a sustainable workforce; income equity; family economic mobility; common sense tax policy; affordable, quality child care; and comprehensive healthcare for all.
  • Seek partnerships with organizations with commitment to ending poverty, hunger, homelessness, and economic uncertainty.



2024 Legislative Scorecard: 108th Legislature, 2nd Session

The Holland Children’s Movement has assembled a list of legislative votes from the 2024 legislative session. These votes are on bills that pertain to the Holland Children’s Movement priorities that span a range of issues focused on children and families. Also included in these scorecards is each senator’s support on priorities based on their votes on specific legislative measures throughout the session.

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