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2024 Legislative Scorecard: 108th Legislature, 2nd Session

The Holland Children’s Movement has assembled a list of legislative votes from the 2024 legislative session. These votes are on bills that pertain to the Holland Children’s Movement priorities that span a range of issues focused on children and families. Also included in these scorecards is each senator’s support on priorities based on their votes on specific legislative measures throughout the session. 

See the full Legislative Voting Record for all State Senators

The bills that pertain to the Holland Children’s Movement from the 2024 Legislative Session

LB 906

Introduced by Senator Merv Riepe

HCM Position: Support

LB 906 increases penalties for child labor law violations and broadens the Department of Labor’s ability to investigate and subpoena employers suspected of violating Nebraska child labor laws.

LB 1284

Introduced by Senator Lynne Walz

HCM Position: Support

LB 1284 creates an educational package, which includes, but is not limited to, providing training and financial support for future educators, expanding access to mental health services, increasing support for students with special needs, expanding programs and courses related to computer science and technology, and requiring schools to provide access to menstrual products in bathrooms.

AM 3205 to LB 937

Introduced by Revenue Committee

HCM Position: Oppose

Amended into LB 937 by AM 3205. LB 937, the Caregiver Tax Credit Act, provides a tax credit to family caregivers who incur eligible expenditures for the care of an eligible family member. AM 3205, the Nebraska Pregnancy Help Act, provides income tax credits for donations to crisis pregnancy health centers, which can legally provide inaccurate information and can not refer pregnant individuals to abortion services if they do choose.

LB 1402

Introduced by Senator Lou Ann Linehan

HCM Position: Oppose

LB 1402 proposes a tax credit to support private school scholarships beginning in 2025, which overrides the opportunity for Nebraska voters to vote on whether to repeal LB 753.

AM 2878 to LB 62

Introduced by Senator Machaela Cavanaugh

HCM Position: Support

Amended into LB 62 by AM 2878. LB 62 provides for coverage of translation and interpretation services under the medical assistance program, changes reporting requirements related to the medical assistance program, and requires a report from DHHS be submitted to the Legislature regarding the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. AM 2878 requires the DHHS to submit a plan to use TANF funds to the Legislature.

LB 857

Introduced by Senator George Dungan

HCM Position: Support

LB 857 creates the Nebraska Prenatal Plus Program, provide for use of the Medicaid Managed Care Excess Profit Fund, and change provisions relating to coverage of glucose monitors under the Medical Assistance Act.

FA 218 to LB 857

Introduced by Senator Robert Clements

HCM Position: Oppose

FA 218 inserts a termination date of June 30, 2028 to LB 857.

LB 856

Introduced by Senator John Fredrickson

HCM Position: Support

LB 856 expands eligibility to all child care workers eligible for the federal child care subsidy program, regardless of income.

LB 575

Introduced by Senator Kathleen Kauth

HCM Position: Oppose

LB 575 proposes to restrict Nebraska school bathrooms and sports teams based on sex at birth.

LB 233

Introduced by Senator John Cavanaugh

HCM Position: Support

LB 233 provides for child support payment disregard under the Aid to Dependent Children program and pass through of certain child support payments.

LB 358

Introduced by Senator Lynne Walz

HCM Position: Support

LB 358 increases dental services reimbursement under the Medical Assistance Act.

LB 874

Introduced by Senator Eliot Bostar

HCM Position: Support

LB 874 changes requirements relating to child care licensing and child care facilities.