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2022 Legislative Scorecard: 107th Legislature, 1st Session

The Holland Children’s Movement has assembled a list of legislative votes from the 2022 legislative session. These votes are on bills that pertain to the Holland Children’s Movement priorities that span a range of issues focused on children and families. Also included in these scorecards is a percentage of each senator’s support on priorities based on their votes on specific legislative measures throughout the session. 

See the full Legislative Voting Record for all State Senators

The bills that pertain to the Holland Children’s Movement from the 2022 Legislative Session

LB 855

Introduced by Senator Arch

HCM Position: Support

LB 855 includes both Federally Qualified Health Center Services and Rural Health Clinic Services under the mandatory Medicaid benefits in state statute, mirroring federal requirements. This change is in line with the intent of state statute by fully codifying federal language. Nebraska Medicaid currently pays for these services according to federal requirements.

LB 932

Introduced by Senator Hunt

HCM Position: Support

Amended into LB1173 by AM2200. LB 932 is the product of interim study LR 198, which examined the State’s practice of intercepting Social Security benefits intended for foster children. The bill would require the Department of Health and Human Services to: -Screen all youth in its care for Social Security eligibility, with informed consent from the youth or their guardian ad litem; -Use or conserve the Social Security benefits in the child’s best interest, and hold them in a trust account, separate from the Department’s own funds; -Conserve a portion of funds for the youth, that cannot be used to reimburse the state for the cost of the youth’s care; -Maintain itemized records for each account, and provide the child or any party to their case with access to this information or funds in the account if it is in the child’s best interest; and -Keep the youth and their guardian ad litem informed about any communications from the Social Security Administration regarding the child’s benefits, as well as information about the receipt, use and conservation of the child’s benefits.

LB 1024

Introduced by Senator Wayne

HCM Position: Support

LB 1024 would adopt the North Omaha Recovery Act. Under the Act, the Legislature would appropriate $450 million in federal funds under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) to provide grant funding to public and private entities to respond to the COVID-19 public health emergency and its negative impacts within federally qualified census tracts located within the boundaries of cities of the metropolitan class.

LB 843

Introduced by Senator Brewer

HCM Position: Support

LB843 includes suggested revisions to the Election Act including numerous definitions, procedures for accommodating voters with disabilities, procedures for appointing local election workers, prescriptions to use Secretary of State-authorized forms for voter registration and requesting early ballots, updates to a political party name, voter list maintenance and distribution, deadlines for ballot questions from political subdivisions, deadlines for declining nomination for elective office, polling place facility availability, elections deadlines, fulfillment of requests for replacement ballots, public notice requirements, resignations to avoid recall, submission of final petition language, and limitations on electioneering and exit polling near secure ballot drop boxes.

LB 852

Introduced by Senator Day

HCM Position: Support

LB 852 is a common sense step to ensure access to behavioral health services in communities by identifying points of contacts in each school building that have access to current listings of community behavior providers located in their geographic area that would be available to parents and students for any needed services.

LB 1014

Introduced by Senator Hilgers

HCM Position: Support

LB 1014 appropriates funds from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) bill to assist Nebraskans across the state.

LB 1173

Introduced by HHS Committee

HCM Position: Support

LB 1173 would establish a child welfare practice model work group and require the development of a practice and finance model for child welfare system transformation in Nebraska.