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2020 Legislative Scorecard: 106th Legislature, 1st Session

The Holland Children’s Movement has assembled a list of legislative votes from the 2020 legislative session. These votes are on bills that pertain to the Holland Children’s Movement priorities that span a range of issues focused on children and families. Also included in these scorecards is a percentage of each senator’s support on priorities based on their votes on specific legislative measures throughout the session. 

See the full Legislative Voting Record for all State Senators

The bills that pertain to the Holland Children’s Movement from the 2020 Legislative Session

LB 837

Introduced by Senator Arch

HCM Position: Support

Intent: Amended into LB 1185 by AM 2667. LB 837 mandates the Department of Health and Human Services seek federal funding to implement a program to assist residential child-caring agencies and child care providers with the costs of fingerprinting and national criminal history record information check.

  • AM 35-0-12-2
  • Advance to select 35-0-12-2
  • Advance to final reading voice vote
  • Passed final reading on a 48-0-1 vote

LB 849

Introduced by Senator Pansing Brooks

HCM Position: Support

Intent: Amended into LB 848 by AM 2723. LB849 clarifies legislative intent for eligibility in the Young Adult Bridge to Independence Program, supporting former state wards in transitioning to adulthood, becoming self-sufficient, and creating permanent relationships. Specifically, LB849 defines age of eligibility as 19 years of age or younger, or 18 years of age if the young adult has become ineligible for participation in a tribal court. The change extends eligibility for the Bridge to Independence program to native youth aging out of Tribal Court proceedings.

  • AM 45-0-0-4
  • Advance to select 43-0-1-5
  • Advanced to final reading voice vote
  • Passed on final reading 35-10-3-1

LB 865

Introduced by Senator Wayne

HCM Position: Support

Intent: LB 865 ensures employers who contribute to their employees’ 529 account will not be charged state income tax, and that no employee loses their state aid benefits in any way if their employer contributes to their 529 account. Also, the bill will ensure that any state income tax refund at the end of the year can be rolled directly into a 529 account and have corresponding forms updated accordingly.

  • Advanced to Select File 38-0-8-3

LB 933

Introduced by Senator Crawford

HCM Position: Support

Amended into LB 632 by AM 2865. LB933 makes several changes to statutes guiding utility disconnections. LB 933 requires that a disconnection be postponed or prevented upon presentation of a medical note from a doctor, APRN, or physician’s assistant. It extends the grace period from thirty to sixty days and specifies that customers have five business days to provide the medical note. Utility companies are required to publish certain information about disconnections on their websites and by mail upon request and are prevented from charging disconnect or reconnect fees that exceed the reasonable cost of providing the service. The changes contained in LB 933 apply to public or private utility companies other than municipal utilities owned and operated by a village.

  • AM 41-0-6-2
  • General file 39-0-8-2
  •  Select file voice vote
  • Final reading 46-0-1-2

LB 955

Introduced by Senator Walz

HCM Position: Support

Amended into LB 956 by AM 2827. LB 955 requires the Department of Health and Human Services to provide further support and an explanation for the proposed action when eligibility for services are discontinued or modified. This bill also allows the recipient of Medicaid services 30 calendar days to appeal a decision by the department.

  • AM 42-0-5-2
  • General fille 45-0-2-2
  • Voice vote to final reading
  • Passed on final reading 47-0-0-2

LB 997

Introduced by Senator Morfeld

HCM Position: Support

LB 997 (two votes taken), adopts the Out-of-Network Emergency Medical Care Act. The purpose of this bill is to avoid consumers being subjected to “surprise billing” in emergency situations by out-of-network providers or facilities.

  • General File 43-0-5-1
  • Voice vote select
  • Final reading 47-0-1-1

LB 1076

Introduced by Senator Bolz

HCM Position: Support

Intent: Amended into LB 1131 with AM 2456. LB1076 expands the Community College Gap Assistance Program to include eligible programs in Nebraska’s four tribal colleges; Little Priest Tribal College in Winnebago and Nebraska Indiana Community College’s campuses in Macy, Niobrara and South Sioux City. The Community College Gap Assistance Program provides funding to community college students in eligible programs that are aligned with training programs with stackable credentials leading to a program which awards college credit, an associate’s degree, a diploma, or a certificate for an in-demand occupation.

  • AM 2456 38-1-7-3
  • Advance to select 37-0-9-3

LB 1107

Introduced by Senator Scheer

HCM Position: Oppose

Intent: This is a large omnibus bill, which primarily creates the ImagiNE Nebraska Act to replace the Nebraska Advantage Act and continue business tax incentives; creates Nebraska Transformational Projects Act to support a UNMC and federal government partnered project on infectious disease; and creates the Nebraska Property Tax Incentive Act, requiring a minimum of $275 million in property tax credits per year. The bill also creates the Revolving Loan Fund; Key Employer and Jobs Retention Act; Renewable Chemical Production Tax Credit Act; and Customized Job Training Act.

  • General File Cloture: 41-2-6-0
  • General File 41-4-4-0
  • Select File Cloture: 42-4-2-0-1
  • Select File 41-4-4-0-0
  • Final Reading Cloture 42-3-1-2-1
  • Final Reading 41-4-2-2-0