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LB 627: Judiciary Committee

I am here today in support of LB 627, and thank Senator Pansing Brooks for introducing this bill.

LB 627 will ensure economic security can be a reality for all Nebraskans families and children. Every family in Nebraska deserves access to the tools they need to succeed. Right now, in Nebraska, the realities of economic security are threatened for many with families and children. We cannot allow for families and community members to be discriminated against, and prevented from opportunities to succeed in our state. All families deserve fair access to jobs and housing, and the vital tools that grow Nebraska’s economy.

Nebraskans believe we must do more to support the middle class in our state, LB 627 is another example of common-sense legislation that will help give access to the jobs Nebraska families need. We believe that LB 627 will help attract job creators and help to retain employers and employees as well as support our working families and children. We urge the committee to support LB 627 and to advance this important bill.

-Joey Adler
Director of Strategic Engagement