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LB 614: The Revenue Committee

I am here today in support of LB 614 and want to thank Senator Crawford for introducing this bill.

Research conducted in December of 2018 by the Holland Children’s Institute and its public polling initiative shows that 55% of Nebraskans believe the state should be focusing on expanding opportunities instead of cutting taxes (38%). The research also found that 58% of Nebraskans believe that the legislature and state government are focused on giving tax breaks to the rich and big corporations

LB 614 would help the state of Nebraska focus on what Nebraskans are asking state government to prioritize. The first is increasing aid to schools, the research found that an overwhelming majority (86%) of Nebraskans believe that properly funding our schools would help grow Nebraska’s middle class and develop our work force. More than 6 in 10 voters (61%) believe Nebraska state government underfunds education, while only 36% believe state government properly funds our schools.

We are strong proponents for increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). According to National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), people who work in the retail trade, healthcare, food service as well as those in the accommodation, construction and manufacturing industries are the most likely to receive and benefit from an increase in the EITC. We have heard time and time again about the need to continue to invest in these industries and increasing the EITC is a way to do that.

We believe that LB 614 will help grow the middle class and help focus our state’s efforts on middle class Nebraskans and their policy priorities. Thank you for your service to the state of Nebraska, and I would welcome any questions you may have.

-Joey Adler
Director of Strategic Engagement