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LB 50: Revenue Committee

I am here today to offer our support of LB 50, and thank Senator Vargas for its introduction.

We believe this forward-thinking proposal provides a direct and positive response to the voices of Nebraskans. According to the Holland Children’s Institute’s “Nebraska Voters’ Outlook” public opinion research poll that was conducted last September, an overwhelming majority of Nebraskans (78%) believe the state’s economic focus has helped the wealthiest Nebraskans and 76% believe economic policy of the state has been focused to help big corporations.

At the same time, 58% of Nebraskans favor raising revenue by increasing some taxes to balance the budget and allow for increased investments to support the middle class. Additionally, only 37% of Nebraskans believe the wealthiest Nebraskans are paying their fair share or more in taxes.

LB 50 is a clear example of investing in the middle class and Nebraska’s economy. As the research continues to make clear, there is an obvious disconnect that exists between the economic realities of Nebraska families and where they feel their government is focused. We believe this needs to change, and we urge the advancement of LB 50 to General File.

-Joey Adler
Director of Strategic Engagement