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LB 255: Health & Human Services Committee

I write in support of LB 255, introduced by Senator McCollister, and thank him for this bill.

When our state takes steps to support working families, we demonstrate our commitment to rewarding hard work and promoting economic growth for the future. The Holland Children’s Institute recently conducted research that showed that Nebraska voters overwhelmingly agree that the best way to build a stronger middle class is to give people the tools they need to succeed, rather than cutting spending on programs in order to reduce dependence on government.

We strongly believe that SNAP is an incredibly important tool for hardworking families as they strive to climb the economic ladder. Multiple recent studies have found that SNAP benefits for children make an impact in both the short-term and long-term success.

A 2017 study in South Carolina found that in the short-term children score much higher on math tests, for instance, in the weeks after their family received SNAP benefits. In the long term, a 2012 longitudinal study by three of the country’s top economists found that childhood access to SNAP led to significant reductions in obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. And, for women, an increase in economic self-sufficiency.

These studies demonstrate that this legislation makes economic sense. This legislation is an investment in our children, and the future of our state. Children will grow-up being healthier, happier, more productive, and have a far greater opportunity for success! This investment also makes them more apt to contribute to our state’s communities economically. For all this, and more, we urge the Judiciary Committee to advance LB 255.

-Joey Adler
Director of Strategic Engagement