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Victories in Healthcare

2019: LB 15 – Introduced by Senator Blood

Intent: LB 15 creates the Children of Nebraska Hearing Aid Act. This act would allow any child under the age of 19 that needs a hearing aid to have it paid for through their insurance plan as long as the benefits paid for the hearing aid during the previous 48-months has not exceeded three thousand dollars. In addition to the hearing aid, a child’s insurance plan will be required to pay for the device, evaluation for the hearing aid, fitting, programming, microphone measurements, repairs, ear mold impressions, and auditory rehabilitation and training. An insurance company will be exempt from the act if the company can show the cost of coverage will exceed one percent of premiums collected. Small business group health plans, as defined under 44-5260 will be exempt from this act.

OUTCOME: Passed 48-0-1 (May 23, 2019)

2019: LB 433 – Introduced by Senator Hansen​

Intent: LB 433 requires that a landlord return the balance of a tenant’s security deposit and a written itemization within fourteen days after the date of termination of the tenancy. Currently, a tenant must first request the balance be returned to them. The bill also provides that a tenant does not have to pay for damages that result from their removal from the unit by order of a governmental entity because it was not fit for habitation due to negligence or neglect of the landlord. This bill adds liquidated damages of one month’s rent and court costs to what the landlord already owes the tenant for violating this section, which is the security deposit balance and reasonable attorney’s fees.

OUTCOME: Passed 39-1-9 (May 24, 2019)

2019: LB 468 – Introduced by Senator Walz​

Intent: LB 468 would require that no additional populations or services be added to the at-risk capitated managed care program before either January 1, 2020 or the completion of a critical evaluation proving the success of such program. As with the amendment filed, AM46, LB468 would apply only to long-term care services. As of January 1, 2017, all Medicaid eligible persons had been included in the at-risk capitated managed care program referred to as Heritage Health.

OUTCOME: Passed 43-1-5 (May 24, 2019)

2019: LB 726 – Introduced by Senator Walz

Intent: LB 726 adds language to require the Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Correctional Services to establish a protocol to assist individuals who are eligible for medical parole to apply for benefits under the Medical Assistance Act.

OUTCOME: Passed 39-0-10 (May 23, 2019)

2017: LB 427 – Introduced and Prioritized by Senator Vargas​

Intent: LB 427 would broaden this accommodation to include breastfeeding mothers who are students in our schools. LB 427 also requires public, private, denominational or parochial day schools, which meet the requirements for legal operation under Nebraska law, to provide for private or appropriate facilities for milk expression and storage for student mothers. The intent of this accommodation is for schools to provide a sanitary and appropriately private setting for student mothers to express milk and to store such milk. This could include a school nurse’s office, an empty classroom, or any similar setting, which allows for privacy and is consistent with the ability for the schools to monitor and supervise students.

OUTCOME: Passed 31-7-11 (May 2, 2017)