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Governor Ricketts’ Disconnected Priorities Underscore Need for Unicameral to Stand Up for Working Families

OMAHA, NE – Hadley Richters, Acting CEO of Holland Children’s Movement, issued the following statement in response to Governor Ricketts’ State of the State address today:

“Today, Governor Ricketts failed to address the issues that Nebraska families are dealing with in their day to day lives. He made clear he cares more about corporate tax cuts than ensuring the future of public education, safety net programs, and public safety in Nebraska.”

“If the Governor truly wants to grow Nebraska, he should turn his attention to the middle class, the hard-working Nebraskans who are the heart of our state’s economy.”

“We know from November 2017 public opinion research, 64% of Nebraska voters agree the best way to build a stronger middle class is to give people the tools they need to succeed. And 9 in 10 blue-collar voters in Nebraska (87%) say government’s policies are helping big corporations, while 62% of college educated voters say the same.”

“We urge members of the Unicameral to make working families and children a top priority this Legislative Session. Nebraskans want their policymakers to focus on jobs with good benefits, health care, education, and quality child care. Members of the nonpartisan Unicameral should continue their work to responsibly balance the budget and pass real solutions to the biggest issues facing our state.”

Read about our Working Families Plan and add your voice to demand action for Nebraska’s middle class.