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2023 Legislative Scorecard: 108th Legislature, 1st Session

The Holland Children’s Movement has assembled a list of legislative votes from the 2023 legislative session. These votes are on bills that pertain to the Holland Children’s Movement priorities that span a range of issues focused on children and families. Also included in these scorecards is each senator’s support on priorities based on their votes on specific legislative measures throughout the session. 

See the full Legislative Voting Record for all State Senators

The bills that pertain to the Holland Children’s Movement from the 2023 Legislative Session

LB 84

Introduced by Senator Jen Day

HCM Position: Support

LB 84 eliminates the sunset on Nebraska’s expansion of SNAP to 165% of the Federal Poverty Level. At the moment, Nebraska’s SNAP eligibility is set to go down to 135% of the Federal Poverty Level on October 1, 2023.

LB 35

Introduced by Senator Wendy DeBoer

HCM Position: Support

Amended into LB 227. LB 35 extends the sunset on the expansion of eligibility for the childcare subsidy until 2026.

LB 14

Introduced by Senator George Dungan

HCM Position: Support

Amended into LB 50. LB 14 expands eligibility in the Young Adult Bridge to Independence Program to juvenile-adjudicated youth who are 19 years of age and are in a court-ordered out-of-home placement to be eligible for the program.

LB 753

Introduced by Senator Lou Ann Linehan

HCM Position: Support

LB 753 creates the “Opportunity Scholarships Act” and provides dollar-per-dollar tax credits for private schools, diverting millions of taxpayer dollars from Nebraska public schools.

LB 574

Introduced by Senator Kathleen Kauth

HCM Position: Support

LB 574 bans gender-affirming care for young people. A provision of LB 626 was included in the last half of the legislative session, which bans abortion at 12 weeks.